What is Sherman's Drop-In?


When Parents need free time, Sherman's Drop-In care is at your convenience. Instead of searching for a sitter while parents are out shopping, on dates, attending doctor appointments, or any other "parenting duties", you can now drop your child(ren) off at Sherman's Drop-in, up to (4) hours a day. We are certified to watch children ranging between (3-12). Sherman's Drop-In offers puzzles, reading books, video games, movies, coloring, computers, legos, and other fun activities for your child to be entertained.

Sherman's Drop-In is fully bonded and insured. We are here to provide the highest customer service to parents and their children. For us, it is important that parents know our staff is fully committed to the well-being of their children. Being nurturing and loving comes naturally to us and that helps us provide the additional support children need. Children are provided with ample room to play and explore, with plenty of personal attention and care from our staff. 

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